Set amidst nature's abundance at the foothills of the Western Ghats at Molem in Sanguem taluka is Atreya Vedic Farm, a truly unique ecotourism venture. It has been conceived and nurtured by environmental activist, Nirmala Sawant, who believes in greening the planet today for a better tomorrow.

The sprawling estate comprises of a Spice Plantation, an Astrological Plant Park, Charak Vatikaa medicinal plantation, and above all, Prasidica Butterflies. With 36 acres of lush greenery and serenity on offer, Atreya Vedic Farm is the refreshing getaway for jaded city dwellers who wish to set aside their mobiles and laptops for a day, unwind and reinvigorate the senses. And for those who are simply interested in a day-long rendezvous with nature at its best, then this environmentally oriented farm is the ideal place to head for!

Getting There

Drive through Goa's picturesque hinterland en route to Molem, turn off the winding NH4A when you see the signboards indicating Atreya Vedic Farm, proceed for about 500m along a mud road bordered by shady cashew trees and voila, you're at your journey's end.

At the Destination

The rustic gates of Atreya Vedic Farm swing open, revealing a rockery and a water body at the entrance. The minute you step on its terrain, you feel you've been transported into an enchanting green world that reverberates with nature's rhythm.

The reception area is strategically placed at the crest of the hill and offers breathtaking vistas of verdant valleys and densely forested hills, the Western Ghats. As visitors sip their welcome drink at the reception lounge, they also drink in an unobstructed view of Atreya Vedic Farm.